When a director/cinematographer actually cares in 80s television, you notice.  “Steele Flying High” is one of those episodes.  The way this shot is composed is pretty awesome - and is part of a scene that was also excellently shot.

Two further notes - one of Remington Steele the character’s defining traits was his knowledge of old movies, especially old mysteries.  This episode found him explicitly trying to do a Sam Spade.  I think in this (and for certain an earlier episode) he’ll try to analyze the events in terms of old movies, saying things like “wait, I was wrong, it’s not X, it’s Y” or “someone else must have seen the same movie” when he borrowed a strategy from from one.  Self-aware television, anyone?

All these references to 30s/40s movies shows up in the set design as well.  (Yes, the dialogue, too, although Moonlighting took it much further).  Notice the curves on the secretary’s desk and the red wall divider - echoing Art Deco furniture design despite being large 80s objects.  Same thing for the circular mirror on the wall in the back - which along with all the curves gives the office an Art Moderne feel, like the Quisling Clinic in Madison.  (The same mixture of 30s/40s and contemporary is found in the fireplace picture previously posted, which has enough metal and coldness to belong in the 80s, despite the deco design).  Well done, set designer, well done.

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